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how to use
bitcoin atm


Touch the screen to agree to the price and terms below


Enter your phone number to have verification code sent
Enter verification code received on your phone.
Place personal wallet’s QR Code in front of camera.
Insert cash. $3,000 maximum per transaction.
Confirm amounts and hit “Buy Bitcoins.”
By using these BVMs (Bitcoin Vending Machine) you agree to the following:
1. I am using this BVM with good intentions and will assume all responsibility and liabilities involved involved with each transaction made.

2. I am using my personal wallet  to receive Bitcoin from this BVM; only local transactions are permitted.

3.Transactions are limited to $1,000 per.

4. I will fully comply with all laws and regulations associated with this transaction, including any request for more information about any transaction.

5. Transaction information is stored indefinitely by the blockchain, providing verifiable proof of all transactions. 6. Due to the nature of Bitcoins: ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
During Business Hours: 407-429-4518
Technical Support: 407-218-2240
Email: rdvbitcoins@gmail.com